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News Headlines!
Be There! CanAm 2014! The agenda for the March 2 teleconference is now posted

The updated C6 form (Tournament Results) is effective for events starting on or after March 1st, 2014. Previously sanctioned tournaments affected by this change can alter their sanctioning to adjust the entry fees. The updated form is available under "Quick jump to NAFA forms". An updated C6 Fill-In form will also be added in the future.

View the newest Judge of the Year, Dave Walt!!

View the new Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame inductees, Shadow and Xandr.

View the 2013 NAFA Champions, Regular - Holeshot Racers (Region 8) and Multibreed - Buffalo Wings (Region 13).

View the Regional Champions here! and the Regional MVPs here!

New Multibreed titles can be viewed by checking your dogs' CRN number in the NAFA database! Multibreed Awards are available now for your dog's most recent Multibreed title. Previous awards are not available at this time. The latest Multibreed Awards for those dogs that have an Active status are being issued now. Certificates, pins and plaques will be distributed in the same way as regular awards.
If your dog has an Inactive/Retired or Deceased (I/R/D) status you must put in a request for the award. Please note that delivery times for these awards is dependent on level of requests. Delivery of regular awards and multibreed awards for Active dogs has priority.

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Current Regular World Record Current Multibreed World Record
Spring Loaded ran a 14.733 at the 2013 NAFA CanAm Flyball Classic tournament Saturday in Indianapolis, IN, October 19, 2013! View the video. This new world record was confirmed and validated. Visit the World Records page for additional details.
Rocket Relay ran a 15.049 at the Spring Loaded Simcoe flyball tournament Sunday, September 1, 2013! View the video. This new multibreed world record was confirmed and validated. Visit the World Records page for additional details.
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Photos by Willie Moore, Irene Cotter and Bobby Jones.