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What's New – June, 2006

Posted June 30, 2006

Passed COI Policy - effective Oct. 1, 2006


No NAFA® Executive Director, Member of the Board of Directors or Regional Director may have a significant interest in any other Flyball event-giving organization deemed by the NAFA® Board to be in competition with the North American Flyball Association. "Significant Interest" is defined as ownership of, a directorship in, holding office in, employment by, under contract to, listed as a Tournament Director, Tournament Secretary or as Head Judge for an event sanctioned by such a competing organization.

Compliance with the NAFA® Conflict of Interest Policy shall be one of the eligibility requirements for service on the NAFA® Board, as set out in Article IV, Section 3 of the By-Laws; violation of this Policy by a Board Member shall constitute grounds for removal from the Board pursuant to Article IV, section 17 of the By-Laws.

Compliance with the NAFA® Conflict of Interest Policy shall be one of the eligibility requirements for service as a NAFA® Regional Director, as set out in Chapter 1, Section 1.6 (b) of the Corporate Policies and Procedures. Violation of this Policy by a Regional Director shall constitute grounds for removal from this position pursuant to Chapter 5, Section 5.6 (b) of the Corporate Policies and Procedures.

Posted June 28, 2006

NAFA Board of Directors Teleconference

There will be a Board of Directors Teleconference on Thurs, June 29th, at 7pm Central
(8pm Eastern, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific, 9pm Atlantic, 9:30pm Newfoundland ;)).

Call-in information:

Toll free 1-800-664-6895
Toll 1-719-955-1126
Participant passcode: 392669

During the call, the following tone commands are available to each caller:
   - Press *6 to mute or 'un-mute' your line.
   - Press *4 to increase conference volume.
   - Press *7 to decrease conference volume.

These conference calls have been set up to be cost-effective alternatives to full in-person Board meetings. They are normally set to accomodate 20 or so callers - there are 9 Board members and an Executive Director that normally attend. We do not know what will happen if a large number of people attempt to dial in. The conference bridge may begin turning away callers at some point.

The NAFA Leadership Chat Room at will be available during the meeting if you have trouble getting in or for coordination. We may also use the chat room to distribute meeting materials during the meeting if needed to expedite the meeting. We will also try to monitor email at during the meeting.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Conflict of Interest Policy (Proposal)
  • Judges Committee report
  • Rules Committee report
  • Cynosports tournament report (including a tentative budget)

The Conflict of Interest policy is a proposal being sent to the board of directors from the Rules Committee. It is not currently part of the rules or policies of NAFA, but rather a proposal that is to be discussed and voted on if necessary.

June 19, 2006

NAFA Leadership Chat
The next NAFA Leadership Chat has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th, at 7:30pm CST.

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