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World Cynosport® Flyball Championship

Are NAFA funds available if a Regional Champion can't afford to go?
There are no funds for teams Regional Champions or otherwise. All teams are on their own to attend this tournament.

If the Regional Champion can't go, will the spot be offered to the 2nd place team in the region instead?
No. Teams will be able to enter by submitting their fastest time from the 2006 NAFA racing year as a seed time. The slots for Friday’s tournament will be open to the fastest teams submitting entries. Saturday’s tournament will be for Regional champions and for the fastest teams in Friday competition.

Will teams be required to run with the same lineups Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
Between Friday and Saturday the lineups may change. Once you enter a lineup on Saturday, only those dogs will be allowed to participate in Sunday’s event.

If the Regional Champion is now 3 seconds slower than when they won the regional championship, is it fair to still seed them into the bracket based on their best time?
Regional Champions will have earned a bye on the first round. They will seed into Saturday’s tournament, with their fastest time of the 2006 racing year. To get into Sunday’s finals every team will have to run a time on Saturday.

Does Regional Champion mean that each region could be represented by Regular and Multibreed teams? So is it open to both?

Does this Cynosport event replace the regular NAFA championship program?
No, it is a complement to it.

Are there limitations on sponsor presentation with teams? For instance can a team wear a sponsor's jersey in the ring?
No signage is allowed in the flyball area. All sponsorships must be cleared through World Cynosport® Championship.

Is there on-site camping for motor homes or tents?
Camping is available on site – further details will be coming out soon.

Is there prize money?

When will entries close?
To be established.

Does the 90 day rule apply?
Yes. You must be qualified to race with your club under NAFA® normal rules.

Will tournament be held outdoors on grass or indoors on mats?
The racing surface for this event will be grass and it will be held outdoors.

Are there plans to move the hosting venues around to other regions (or even other countries)?
There is the possibility of this event moving in the future but at this time we will continue to race in combination with the other events being held at the World Cynosport® Championships.

Is there going to be a regular flyball tournament (open to everyone) held in conjunction with the Championship tournament?
No, it will only be the Championship tournament.

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Header photo by Mark Fletcher