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About the NAFA Website About the "Flyball Dogs in the Spotlight"

The NAFA home page regularly changes the featured cover dog to showcase the many faces of flyball. Thank you to all the photographers for letting us use your great photos.

If you have a photo you would like to submit for consideration, please send it to the NAFA Webmaster. Include a brief bio of the dog, and who the photo should be credited to (please make sure you have permission from the photographer to use the photo).

Mercy (Submitted by Tara Elizabeth Osuba)
Mercy is a 2 year old Yellow Lab, full energy & sass! Flyball is by far her favorite sport!
Mercy began her Flyball training at just 6 weeks old doing recalls down the lanes to the tug. She made her racing debut on the weekend of her first birthday in 2011 & ran like a pro!
Mercy has since continued to improve her skills on the lanes & runs her heart out. When Mercy is not racing she is competing in & training for Dock Diving.
Photo Courtesy of Performance Dog Photography

Marcus (Submitted by Tara Elizabeth Osuba)
Marcus aka LEGS is a 4 year old Hound/Ridgeback Mix I adopted in 2008.
He began his Flyball training at 6 months old and with lots of hard work & consistency in training he has shown great progress, especially in the last 2 years. Marcus runs on Organized Crime in Division 11/Florida, proving Real Men Wear Pink!
He will run in any position, on any team and for anyone! All he demands is a handful of cookies in return for the ball. I call him the Scooby-Doo of Flyball.
Marcus was the first dog I ever trained for Flyball & essentially my introduction to the sport. Needless to say, he was the start of it all! He is now the first of four Flyball dogs in my household.
Photo by Performance Dog Photography.
Zoom (Submitted by Stacy Smith)
Zoom is an 9-year-old Siberian Husky rescued off the streets of Anchorage, AK. Zoom began training with Alaska Dogs Gone Wild when the club first formed in 2004.
In June 2012, he became the first dog in the club to earn the ONYX title. Zoom is currently the #4 ranked Siberian Husky in NAFA, and has the distinction of being the only husky racing in Alaska.
Zoom is an excellent flyball dog who runs consistently in the pack or as a start dog. In the runback, you can't miss Zoom's rumbling "AR-AR-AR" as he revs up to well as his fierce complaints when he has to move back out of the lane if the first dog false starts.
In addition to flyball, Zoom has earned numerous agility titles and is a registered therapy dog. Zoom is a one-of-a-kind dog and the inspiration behind the club's logo and banners.
Alaska Dogs Gone Wild is proud to call Zoom its own.
Photo by James Haga (2012 Alaska Solstice Tourneys)

Preslie (Submitted by Barbara Liebchen)
U-AGI Broad Bay King Of Rock N Roll ONYX, AX, AXJ, OAC, NJC, TN-N, CGC, TDI
In 1999, at a year old Preslie began competing in Agility. Soon after that, we discovered Flyball, and there was no turning back! Preslie began his Flyball career in 2000 with Psychedlica Blur, and it was definitely something that he enjoyed doing with all his heart! Preslie is not your typical Toy Poodle as he was practically born with a ball in his mouth, and is very driven.
Many times people came up to me at tournaments and called him a BC in a Poodle suit, because of his focus and intensity with the ball. When Preslie was in his prime, he ran mostly upper 6's and you could more than depend on him to be a reliable little height dog! He wanted nothing more to do than to go get his ball, and not even being run over by a big dog, or being chased by another dog would stop him! He always bounced right back as if nothing ever happened, as he was so focused on getting that ball! He would pass any size dog, nothing bothered him.
I remember many times when he was ready to start his run, at just 8lbs I had to hold him back, as he couldn't wait go get his ball! Several years ago, Preslie developed a neurological condition, which limited him to playing flyball. Now at 14 years old, Preslie plainly told me he's just not capable of jumping anymore. He still carries a ball in his mouth, and plays fetch when he feels like it. I will miss all the fun running my little boy, and seeing that big smile on his face playing his favorite game of all, Flyball!!
Preslie retired as the #1 NAFA Toy Poodle, the First ONYX Toy Poodle and the Second Iron Dog Toy Poodle. Preslie has passed just recently.
Photo by Sam Bennett.
Gabby (Submitted by Diane Ziegler)
Gabby is a 5-year-old Papillon whose home is in NAFA Region 11 on All Revíd Upís Flyball Team. She has proven to be one of the regions most consistent and reliable height dogs. Gabby, so aptly named, will often be found singing, barking, and growling when she's ready to race. She absolutely loves flyball! She started training at 10 weeks and racing at 20 months, and she just keeps going. Currently the #2 Papillon in NAFA, she earned her FGDCH 40K in a short 3 years of racing. She has raced in 7 states, on 10 teams, and has run in every position (even started a couple times), passing some of the biggest dogs in flyball (a Bouvier des Flandres) AND she will race for anyone who has her coveted bag of chicken. In her spare time she does agility, chases lizards in the yard, and can be found curled up on Mommyís pillows (DIVA!). Everyone who knows her loves this little dog! Photo by Tony Rider.

Brie (Submitted by Megan McGovern)
Brie is a 2 year old Rescue Pit Bull mix that has just started racing in Region 12 on Go All Out! Dog Sports. Brie came into Becky Beer's life when Becky offered to foster her for a local rescue. After about 2 hours Becky knew she had just failed Fostering 101, and Brie was there to stay. Brie was only meant to be a buddy for her sister Wicket (a GSP), as Becky didn't intend on doing much training for sports with her. Brie had other plans! Brie picked up flyball very quickly, and at her v ery first tournament, she ran start dog full time, and pulled out some 3.9's! She just raced in her 3rd tournament, and got a personal best of 3.903 ! Keep in mind, Brie is 20" and weighs 55lbs. She is strong and powerful, happy and goofy. She runs with all her heart, and loves keeping an eye on the other lane so she can turn on the extra burn. We are so proud of her. Photo by Chris Brard.

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Header photo by Diane Lewis