Introducing the 2016 NAFA Board of Directors & Executive Director Nominees

  • Neil Flood, Executive Director nominee
  • Dirk Elber, Board of Directors nominee
  • Matt Goodyear, Board of Directors nominee
  • Peter Guidolin, Board of Directors nominee
  • John Hendriks, Board of Directors nominee
  • Leerie Jenkins, Board of Directors nominee
  • Jessica Knox, Board of Directors nominee
  • Lynda Mantler, Board of Directors nominee
  • Donald Watson, Board of Directors nominee
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    Executive Director Nominee:

    Neil Flood

    To the NAFA community,

    It is my pleasure to nominate Neil Flood for the position of NAFA's Executive Director.

    In his first year on the Board of Directors, he has shown a true dedication to the sport of Flyball and furthering our favorite pastime with his knowledge and experience. As Chairman of the Board in his second year, he has only strengthened in his abilities to direct and lead our sport.

    Neil has participated in Flyball since 1998, learning the game in Winnipeg with Can-Do Agility Team. In 2002, Neil moved to Minnesota and joined Animal Inn. With them, he has had the opportunity of racing in half of NAFA's regions and has a great understanding of the many regions' unique differences.

    His 18 years of experience and this vast regional knowledge definitely qualifies him for the position of Executive Director.

    Please cast your vote for Neil Flood as Executive Director of the North American Flyball Association.

    Kim Davis, Region 5
    Original nomination letter


    Board of Directors Nominees:

    Dirk Elber

    NAFA BOD Nomination Committee
    1400 West Devon Avenue, #512
    Chicago IL 60660

    It is again my pleasure and honor to nominate Dirk Elber for a position on the NAFA Board of Directors.

    Dirk has been a member of New River Rapids flyball club since he began competing in flyball. He moved very quickly from a novice to a seasoned competitor and since 2009 has been a teacher of flyball at all levels. With beginning dogs, he is a talented trainer, with the gift of bringing out the best in each handler and dog team. With our more experienced competitors he is a gifted coach with a great knack for putting together lineups and teaching the fine points of handling. He takes a major role in all of the tournaments which New River Rapids hosts.

    Dirk has been an Approved NAFA Judge since May, 2010. As a judge, he is no-nonsense but fair to all competitors, and has a very comprehensive knowledge of the rules. He keeps things moving in his ring with just the right mix of stringency and humanity.

    His passion for and commitment to NAFA flyball have been clear from the beginning. He was a full-time volunteer at each of the first four CanAm Classics – 2009 – 2012 and Volunteer Coordinator in 2013.

    Since his election to the Board of Directors in 2014, Dirk has performed many important roles:

    Judges Committee 2014-16
    Rules Committee 2016
    Marketing Committee 2016
    2015 Worked with both Red Roof Inn and La Quinta to establish discount code for NAFA participants
    CanAm Classic - In charge of Volunteer workers 2013/2014
    CanAm Classic - In charge of Sponsors and Vendors 2015/2016

    I believe Dirk will continue in his work on the Board of Directors as he always has in the competition ring, with integrity and with the best interests of NAFA and the sport of flyball in mind. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Dirk Elber in the upcoming NAFA Board of Directors election.

    Sharon Harrell
    Captain, New River Rapids
    Original nomination letter


    Matt Goodyear

    September 27, 2016

    Attention: Nominating Committee, North American Flyball Association (NAFA)
    RE: Nomination – Board of Directors, Matt Goodyear

    It is with great pleasure that I wish to nominate Matt Goodyear for the NAFA - Board of Directors.

    Matt started, as many of us do, by attending tournaments with a friend. Once there he began to assist the team during races. It wasn't long after, that his interest in the sport took hold and he began to race a dog and could be found sitting ringside as a box and/or line judge. As a result of his willingness to undertake any role and assist the host team, he has been recognized by his peers for his efforts.

    In 2013, Matt began to focus on becoming a judge for NAFA. He quickly progressed through all the required steps to become an approved judge. His control and communication with competitors and unbiased approach within the ring has earned him the honour of becoming a judge for the 2016 CanAm Classic.

    As a leader and mentor, Matt understands the importance of developing the next generation of competitors and judges. He is willing to take the time to discuss the sport of flyball and will often be found conversing with the general public about becoming involved. His encouragement towards new and young competitors cannot go unnoticed as he recognizes these individuals are the future.

    Outside of flyball, Matt has served as a Board Member on High Flying Canines, a disc club representing competitors from across southern Ontario, Canada. Always a professional, Matt provided valuable input to club operations and in the promotion of disc. He has found success competing in disc and dock diving competitions.

    Matt is a hard working individual and passionate advocate making him an asset to NAFA Board of Directors.

    Nominated by
    Jennifer Bell
    Captain, Extreme Chaos
    Region 2
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    Peter Guidolin

    I would like to submit my candidacy for this year’s upcoming election.

    A bit about me:

    Flyball life.
    I have been in the sport since January 2005 starting out with Extreme Chaos and now on my own team that we started early January 2016. During that time I have done line, box judging head table work and helped with hosting tournaments in a couple of regions. In May of 2012 I became an approved judge and have done either relief or head judging assignments on an average of 15 tournaments a year and have judged in regions 2, 9, 10, 13, 15 & 20 and have done some relief work at CanAm. The last two years I have served as a non-board member on the judges committee proposing some rule changes and changes to the provisional judges’ program.

    Professional life.
    After university I took on a job as a project manager (construction) and ran projects from additions to subdivisions and medium rise condo projects and often had several projects on the go at one time. Duties included contracts, sub contractor and material co-ordination, to overall control of the project. In August 1999 I started a small mechanical/architectural design company and in September 2014 retired from project management and only work at my design company in a semi retirement fashion only working 15-20 hours a week.

    Other organizations life.
    From the 1992-1993 hockey season to the 2001-2002 season I was on the board of directors for a junior hockey club in Ontario, Canada serving as its treasurer and was chair for a couple of the fundraising committees. From 1995-2002, was also on the board for a fundraising organization (signing officer and vice chair of the organization) that help to raise monies for local non-profit organization. Some of the groups that we helped were: the Rotary Club, the Knights of Columbus, The Lions, Bolton Soccer, and a local animal rescue (they rescued everything from ferrites to dogs and cats to falcons and hawks and almost anything else).

    To summarize.
    I have experiences in the past both professionally and with this type of organization, the honour of being a NAFA judge and committee member, along with semi-retirement where I do have free time and experiences to devote to the organization and the duties that being a board member require.

    Thank you for this opportunity and hope so serve you as a board member

    Peter Guidolin
    NAFA Approved Judge
    NAFA Judges’ Committee
    Original nomination letter


    John Hendriks

    I would like to nominate John Hendriks for the 2017 NAFA Board of Directors. John has been exceptionally dedicated to promoting the sport of flyball over all the years we have known him. As Regional Director in region 12 for the past 8 years, he spends countless hours of his own time trying to help new clubs get started, and grow the sport. Since joining the board of directors in 2014, John has shown a passion for helping the board and he tries to ensure he represents all areas of interest in Flyball. John has an understanding that there are many different approaches to competing and participating in flyball, and he provides careful consideration as he deals with problems and resolutions. When John is at tournaments, he is always helping wherever there is a need. He is often found helping other clubs setup, or teardown for tournaments, and to resolve any issue that come up with calm and level headed approach. His approach to the Board of Directors has been no different, and he has a proven track record of being a dedicated ambassador for our sport. I know I speak for our entire club when I say that we would be proud to have John Hendriks nominated for another term on the NAFA Board of Directors.

    Thank You,

    Sharon Anderson
    Animal Inn Flyball
    Original nomination letter


    Leerie Jenkins

    To whom it may concern:

    I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Leerie Jenkins for a position on the NAFA Board of Directors. Leerie served as a board member from 2009-2015, and as chairman of the board from 2010-2015. As chair, he was responsible for scheduling, helping to plan, and presiding over all board meetings.

    During this time he worked tirelessly on behalf of NAFA and was an active member of every standing committee. His committee duties included:
    - Chair of Judges Committee: administration of judges' education and advancement.
    - Chair of Disciplinary Committee: processing and presiding over all disciplinary issues.
    - Rules Committee: routine answering of inquiries from competitors, processing and reviewing formal proposals.
    - Election Committee: helped transition the election process from in-house to third party, online elections. Helped change ballot weight to give more equality to clubs, whether they host 2-day or 1-day tournaments.
    - Judges Committee: reviewing applications of all judges, supervising applications and revising the judges exam.

    Additional accomplishments include:
    - Always willing and available to address questions and concerns from competitors in an extremely timely manner.
    - Helped equalize tournament fees paid to NAFA for all formats, resulting in a balanced budget.
    - Participated in a complete re-write of corporate bylaws with attorneys.
    - Helped plan and run all eight CanAm Classic Tournaments from 2009 through 2016.
    - Helped create “Line & Box Training” video.
    - Helped work on design, testing, and implementation of new database.
    - Helped work on design, testing, and implementation of new NAFAScore online scoring program.
    - Assisted in diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining US EJS sets.

    Leerie has not been on the board since January, but he continues to assist NAFA as a volunteer. He answers questions, provides advice when asked, continues to help maintain the EJS systems, serves on the Technology Committee, and is the “CanAm Event Coordinator” for CanAm 2016.

    Leerie's broad business and technical skills are an asset to the Board of Directors. NAFA's technology has benefited from his advanced computer skills, including programming and database administration, and audio/video knowledge.

    While completing these activities at the national level, Leerie continued to be an active member of the Fur Fun flyball club and is the Tournament Director for two very large (3-4 ring) tournaments. As a Supervising Judge, he mentors and trains new judges. In the category of self-improvement, Leerie successfully completed the "Dog Training Professional" program, and earned the designation of "Certified Training Partner" from the Karen Pryor Academy. I believe he has acted on the board as he has in the competition ring, with integrity and with the best interests of NAFA and the sport of flyball in mind. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Leerie Jenkins in the upcoming NAFA Board of Directors election.

    Respectfully submitted by:
    Amanda Brown, Region 9 RD
    Original nomination letter


    Jessica Knox

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Please accept my nomination of Jessica Knox for a seat on the NAFA Board of Directors.

    Jessica’s desire to contribute lead her to accept increasing responsibility within Stumptown Racers, culminating in the position of Tournament Director. Her creative and organizational skills have resulted in our tournament becoming the highlight and destination of the year.

    Based on the tournaments and activities held in Region 7 Jessica believes that the region is under represented and would like to be the voice of the region on the board. She has a keen interest in the Rules Committee with a deep view as to the spirit of the rules, and their eventual interpretation and enforcement. Additionally she has an interest in the Disciplinary and Marketing Committees.

    Her drive to learn, original insights into problem resolution, and attention to detail, uniquely qualify Jessica for any of these positions. With an unbiased attitude Jessica strives for clear communication, is willing to accept constructive criticism, and be held accountable for her views and actions. Her time as Tournament Director, and the insight into NAFA that it provides, has informed her decision to accept a nomination, to “step up and be a leader and voice for our region.”

    Sincerely yours,
    Richard Phillips
    Original nomination letter


    Lynda Mantler

    To Whom it May Concern:

    Our club, the fierce flyers, would like to nominate Lynda Mantler for a position on the board of directors. I personally have been in flyball for 12 years so I know Lynda has been involved longer than I. She has always been supportive of the flyball community as a whole and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She has put a lot of time, effort and money into educating herself as fully as she can to develop her skills as a dog handler and to train her dogs to their fullest potential. She is always willing to share her knowledge and help others as much as she can. We have run against and with Lynda, and she is always pleasant, tactful, and a lot of fun to run with. She has demonstrated an interest in being more than just a competitor in NAFA by working at the timing table and filling in for the regional director when he has been unable to attend a tournament. She is always willing to lend her computer skills to any club that needs help with their tournament—and she likes doing it! For a club like ours, with few members, it is always great to know we can rely on her to lend a helping hand. Region 7 has not been represented on the board of directors in over a decade and we feel that Lynda would make a great candidate. She is a dedicated, amazing person who is considerate of others. She is a great ambassador for the sport and we would be privileged to have her represent us.


    Pat Gerow
    Customer Service Representative
    Westbrook Floral Ltd.
    phone: 604-626-4343 Ext. 230
    fax: 604-626-4333
    Original nomination letter


    Donald Watson

    I officially request that my name be added to the list of nominees on this years ballot for a position on the Board of Directors.

    I have been involved in flyball for ten years with the majority of that time in region 5 and now in region 6. I have been the owner of Hot Rod Hounds(536)for just as long as I have been flyball, having taken it over when the original owners decided to quit flyball. I have competed in several different regions and at CanAm. Flyball has been a big part of my life and I enjoy nothing more that showing people what flyball is all about and has to offer. Hot Rod Hounds has done flyball demos regularly promoting the sport in a positive manner. I believe with my background, experience, and love of flyball I would be an asset to the Board.

    Thank you,

    Donald Watson
    Original nomination letter


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