Introducing the 2013 NAFA Board of Directors & Executive Director Nominees

  • Lee Heighton, Executive Director nominee
  • Steve Corona, Board of Directors nominee
  • Dirk Elber, Board of Directors nominee
  • John Hendriks, Board of Directors nominee
  • Dave Walt, Board of Directors nominee


    Executive Director Nominee:

    Lee Heighton

    I would like to nominate Lee Heighton for the position of NAFA’s Executive Director.

    I have personally observed his dedication to the sport and to the NAFA® community, no matter the time of day. I’ve seen the number of phone calls he receives from people and he always goes out of his way to address the needs of individuals, teams, and regions.

    He has time and time again proven his leadership to NAFA. Under his watch, CanAm was created. The growth of CanAm, both with vendors and teams, has significantly increased over the years and continues to show NAFA® as the marquee flyball organization.

    His leadership as Executive Director is imperative and will continue to benefit the NAFA community.

    Dave Wilkowski


    Board of Directors Nominees:

    Steve Corona

    Dana Hanson
    NAFA Nominating Committee

    I would like to nominate Steve Corona for a position on the Board of Directors.

    Steve began his flyball career in Region 5 when he and his wife joined Electric Dawg. What began with one dog running flyball in 2007 has now developed into 3 dogs that are currently running with Alamo Racing Canines.

    Steve began the Judges Program in 2009 and became an Approved Judge in 2010. He has presided as Head Judge at numerous Region 5 tournaments as well as Relief Judge positions. He has also been a relief Judge at CanAm in 2011, 2012 and will be doing the same at the 2013 event.

    Steve is an advocate for flyball whenever an occasion arises, promoting safety and fairness in a sport that he feels celebrates dogs for their abilities and accomplishments, no matter the breed or handicap. Flyball opened the door to Steve and his wife becoming involved with Border Collie Rescue as a foster home.

    Because of Steve’s knowledge and love for the sport of flyball, I believe that Steve would make an excellent asset to the NAFA Board of Directors and hope you will agree by selecting him for this position.

    Elaine Wood, President
    Alamo Racing Canines


    Dirk Elber

    September 16, 2013

    NAFA BOD Nomination Committee
    1400 West Devon Avenue, #512
    Chicago IL 60660

    It is again my pleasure and honor to nominate Dirk Elber for a position on the NAFA Board of Directors.

    Dirk has been a member of New River Rapids flyball club since he began competing in flyball. He moved very quickly from a novice to a seasoned competitor and since 2009 has been a teacher of flyball at all levels. With beginning dogs, he is a talented trainer, with the gift of bringing out the best in each handler and dog team. With our more experienced competitors he is a gifted coach with a great knack for putting together lineups and teaching the fine points of handling. He takes a major role in all of the tournaments which New River Rapids hosts, and has served as Tournament Director.

    Dirk has been an Approved NAFA Judge since May, 2010. As a judge, he is no- nonsense but fair to all competitors, and has a very comprehensive knowledge of the rules. He keeps things moving in his ring with just the right mix of stringency and humanity. His passion for and commitment to NAFA flyball are clear from the volunteer responsibilities which he has taken on, including serving as a non-elected member of the NAFA Judges Committee in 2011-2013 and assisting the NAFA Rules Committee for the past three years in updating the Rule Book. He has been a full-time volunteer at each of the first four CanAm Classics – 2009 - 2012 and for 2013 has accepted the role as Volunteer Coordinator for the CanAM Classic.

    I believe Dirk would act on the board as he has in the competition ring, with integrity and with the best interests of NAFA and the sport of flyball in mind. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Dirk Elber in the upcoming NAFA Board of Directors election.

    Sharon Harrell
    Captain, New River Rapids


    John Hendriks

    Dear NAFA,

    It is my pleasure to nominate John Hendriks for the NAFA Board of Directors. In the 15 years I have been racing flyball, John has been one of the most generous, kind, and competitive people I have had the privilege of racing against. John brings 13 years of flyball experience, 12 of which has been running Northern Power Paws, as well as being the Regional Director in region 12 for the past 4 years. John is always looking to help other clubs and grow the sport of flyball . He has helped many clubs in his region that are new to flyball get started by helping at their practices, teaching them about the sport, and how to better train their dogs. John has also been instrumental in helping new teams host their own tournaments. Something which he and his club do an exceptional job in and it shows in the planning and executing of their own tournaments. John has come up with some great ideas to help the sport already, as demonstrated by the multibreed points & titles idea he proposed, which will hopefully help revive that class of racing. He also has an understanding and appreciation for the regional differences and nuances that exist in NAFA, and he understands their importance to the sport in each region. I think if you combine all his experience, passion for the sport, his hard work and organization, then you would have someone that would be an exceptional asset to the NAFA Board of Directors. I know we, at Animal Inn, couldn’t be happier to have John be one of our board members.

    Neil Flood Animal Inn Flyball


    Dave Walt

    I would like to nominate Dave Walt for NAFA Board of Directors. Dave’s dedication, commitment and passion for NAFA flyball is very strong. He has spent many hours these past three years as a Board member doing whatever it takes to make NAFA flyball the best it can be. Never one to shy away from work and that was proven when he took on the tough duty of Volunteer Co-ordinator for CanAm the first two years of his term. He has been on the Judges Committee for all 3 years of his term including being the Head of the Judges Committee for the past two years and has put in a lot of work to make NAFA Judges the best in the world. Dave feels very strongly about open communication and has spent hours with competitors and Judges at NAFA events, on the phone or by email to make sure they understand what is going on with NAFA and how they can help make it better. As a Supervising Judge he brings great insight to the Board due to his years of experience in the ring and his travels throughout the many regions judging for host clubs. Never one to back down but also not one to engage in an argument, he gets his points across in a calm assertive manner but is still open for opinions and has never turned a blind eye to an issue a competitor is passionate about.

    Please consider Dave with your votes for NAFA Board of Directors.

    Kelly Robbins-Walt


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