Introducing the 2012 NAFA Board of Directors Nominees

  • Kim Davis
  • Dirk Elber
  • Leerie Jenkins
  • Karen Oleson
  • Kim Davis

    Dear NAFA Nominating Committee and Flyball Community:

    Please accept this letter of nomination for Kim Davis for the Board of Directors.

    Kim’s background is in journalism and IT, plus she has competed in dogsports, generally, and flyball, particularly, for more than a decade. She has served as NAFA’s webmaster since 2009; NAFA’s Can Am webmaster since 2008; and in Region 5, where she is based, she’s helped organize and run tournaments and maintain Region 5’s website, going back ten years or more.

    I met Kim while I was serving on the NAFA Board. She attended AGM and NAFA Board meetings, the better to discharge her webmaster responsibilities. She also attended CanAm to help with organization, set up, and running the event. And, for the past three years, she has served as Chair of NAFA’s Nominations Committee.

    Kim is a person on whom others depend to always do what she says she will do and to be unfailingly accurate, courteous, and fair in what she does. She has put her actions where her words are in her support of border collie rescue in Texas, as well.

    Kim may not have much name recognition, since she has not ever been one for self-promotion (the opposite). But I would say that most of you, if you stop and think, really do know Kim through her work: It’s been Kim these past few years who’s kept the NAFA website current and informative, and Kim who spends the time and effort to follow up and make sure that happens.

    Kim Davis would be a terrific addition to the NAFA Board, and I hope you nominate and elect her.

    Kris Pickering
    Flying Colors (#168)


    Dirk Elber

    It is my pleasure and honor to nominate Dirk Elber for a position on the NAFA Board of Directors.

    Dirk has been a member of New River Rapids flyball club since he began competing in flyball. He moved very quickly from a novice to a seasoned competitor and since 2009 has been a teacher of flyball at all levels. With beginning dogs, he is a talented trainer with the gift of bringing out the best in each handler and dog team. With our more experienced competitors he is a gifted coach with a great knack for putting together lineups and teaching the fine points of handling. He takes a major role in all of the tournaments which New River Rapids hosts, and has served as Tournament Director.

    Dirk has been an Approved NAFA Judge since May, 2010. As a judge, he is no-nonsense but fair to all competitors, and has a very comprehensive knowledge of the rules. He keeps things moving in his ring with just the right mix of stringency and humanity. His passion for and commitment to NAFA flyball are clear from the volunteer responsibilities which he has taken on, including serving as a board appointed member of the NAFA Judges Committee in 2011 and 2012 and assisting the NAFA Rules Committee for the past three years in updating the Rule Book. He has been a full-time volunteer at each of the CanAm Classics – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, a relief judge in 2010, 2011, 2012, and co-volunteer-coordinator in 2011 and 2012. In addition he has been an active participant in many of the NAFA leadership and judges chats in the last 3 years.

    I believe that Dirk’s experiences in and out of the ring will offer the NAFA Board of Directors a solid, hard-working candidate who will focus on the long-term continued success of the organization and growth of the sport at all racing levels, while maintaining a focus on safety and fun for handlers and dogs alike. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Dirk Elber in the upcoming NAFA elections.

    Sharon Harrell
    Captain, New River Rapids


    Leerie Jenkins

    To whom it may concern:

    I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Leerie Jenkins for a position on the NAFA Board of Directors. Leerie has served as a board member from 2009-2012, and as chairman of the board from 2010 to present. As chair, he is responsible for scheduling, helping to plan and presiding over all board meetings.

    During this time he has worked tirelessly on behalf of NAFA and has been an active member of every standing committee. His committee duties have included:

    - Chair of Judges Committee: administration of judges' education and advancement
    - Chair of Disciplinary Committee: processing and presiding over all disciplinary issues
    - Rules Committee: routine answering of inquiries from competitors, processing and reviewing formal proposals
    - Election Committee: helped transition the election process from in-house to third party, online elections.
          Helped change ballot weight to give more equality to clubs, whether they host 2-day or 1-day tournaments.
    - Judges Committee: reviewing applications of all judges, supervising applications and revising the judges exam.

    Additional accomplishments include:

    - Always willing and available to address questions and concerns from competitors in an extremely timely manner
    - Helped equalize tournament fees paid to NAFA for all formats, resulting in a balanced budget.
    - Participated in a complete re-write of corporate bylaws with attorneys.
    - Helped plan and run all CanAm Classic Tournaments.
    - Helped create “Line & Box Training” video. Currently working on “How to Host a NAFA Tournament” video.
    - Helped work on design, testing, and implementation of new database.

    Leerie's broad business and technical skills are an asset to the Board of Directors. NAFA's technology has benefited from his advanced computer skills, including programming and database administration, and audio/video knowledge.

    While completing these activities at the national level, Leerie continues to be an active member of the Fur Fun flyball club and is the Tournament Director for the second largest tournament in North America. As a Supervising Judge, he mentors and trains new judges. I believe he has acted on the board as he has in the competition ring, with integrity and with the best interests of NAFA and the sport of flyball in mind. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Leerie Jenkins in the upcoming NAFA Board of Directors election.

    Respectfully submitted by:
    Amanda Brown, Region 9 RD


    Karen Oleson

    It is my pleasure to nominate Karen Oleson for Board Member to serve on NAFA’s Board of Directors.

    Since 1994 Karen has been active in NAFA flyball and has worked diligently to improve and update the sport. In 1996, she wrote a software program to make hosting tournaments easier. Karen has continued to update and enhance this program, which is now widely used in 15 of the 22 NAFA regions. Because of her tournament hosting software, Karen is in contact with many host clubs throughout NAFA and is able to draw on this experience to consider how new policy and rules will affect different regions.

    Long before Karen became a board member, she was a staff member for several Executive Directors and had responsibility for sanctioning tournaments, issuing CRNs and Height Cards, registering new clubs, and fielding questions about anything NAFA related. In 2007, she worked closely with Executive Director Sam Ford on the original wording for some of the most innovative changes to the NAFA rules including the formation of Open and Vet classes, Reserved Weekends, and the Height Card Challenge. When asked about Karen’s involvement with these and other projects, Sam Ford replied, “She was a vital support to my Executive Directorship and I will always owe her for being there for me and making any success I had a reality.”

    Karen has worked tirelessly for NAFA both before and after becoming a Board member. From the first Cynosports in 2006 to today’s CanAm, Karen has been an integral part of every NAFA hosted tournament from planning to working the event. At CanAm, it’s Karen Oleson who takes the entries, and keeps the head tables and scoring running smoothly for 6 rings and 3 tournaments over 3 days, including formatting the entire Sunday racing schedule on Saturday night!

    Karen’s goals while on the Board will continue to be implementation of procedures and policy to keep NAFA viable and flourishing. She believes that a businesslike approach with emphasis on running NAFA as efficiently as possible is key to continued success. As a board member, Karen believes that all competitors should be treated fairly when bringing a concern to the board, and takes into account how new suggestions will impact not just a particular region, but all of NAFA. Karen has used her technology skills and well rounded, unbiased point of view to ensure NAFA’s continued growth and prosperity.

    Karen’s experience, wisdom, and devotion to NAFA flyball make her a perfect choice to continue as a Board member. Please join me in supporting Karen Oleson for Board of Directors.

    Elizabeth Currin
    Region 5 RD


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