2011 NAFA Board of Directors Nominees

Board of Directors:
Sam Ford

It is my honor to nominate Sam Ford to serve on the Board of Directors for NAFA.

Sam’s previous years of experience on the Board of Directors and as Executive Director make Sam a natural choice to serve on the board. During his prior service to NAFA, Sam was instrumental in creating an annual championship tournament, first with Cynosports and then with CanAm. Even when he wasn’t an elected NAFA official, Sam continued to volunteer his time and effort as tournament coordinator for the 2009 and 2010 CanAm tournaments. At CanAm 2010, Sam was responsible for directing 6 rings of racing and coordinating 472 teams to the correct ring at the right time. This was an enormous, never before done task which Sam successfully executed

While Sam was serving on the BOD and as ED, he helped introduce the new and improved EJS that is currently in use. He oversaw the restructuring of the NAFA web site which has improved communication and provides information in a timely manner. Sam also helped to create the Open and Veterans classes of racing which allows more people and dogs to participate in tournaments.

Sam is always interested in new technology and ideas that will help both the spectator and competitor more fully enjoy flyball. In his home region, he financed the development of a light system to keep track of heats run, won and lost. This lighting system went on to be used at CanAm. As tournament director, Sam was the first to utilize the 2-ring/1-schedule format and introduced the position of “pit boss” to NAFA tournaments and the flyball vernacular.

As a business owner with clients world wide, Sam has abundant people and management skills to bring to the Board of Directors. In Region 5, Sam’s experience, knowledge and renowned sense of fairness, leads people to ask for his advice and guidance in all things flyball related. Because of his business expertise, Sam also is able to bring a business based approach to running NAFA. He feels that creating a business climate is the best way for NAFA to move forward and grow.

As a club captain and tournament director, Sam annually hosts the largest flyball tournament in Region 5 as part of the World Series of Dog Shows. This event allows thousands of people each year to get their first glimpse of flyball, and has been responsible for untold numbers of people and dogs becoming involved in the sport.

Not only has Sam volunteered his time and energy to NAFA, but he was also instrumental in the creation of “Border Collie Rescue of Texas” and has served as its Chairman since 1996. In the last few months alone, Sam has directed the rescue of 300+ Border Collies from 2 hoarding situations. His efforts over the years have literally saved thousands of dogs and helped to provide them with a loving, stable, forever home with many of them going on to play flyball.

As a Board member, Sam’s business experience, love of the sport and “can do”, “get it done” attitude will help steer NAFA in the direction of growth, popularity, innovative technology and openness. Please join with me in supporting Sam Ford for Board of Directors.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Currin
Region 5 RD


Nancy Garcia

I would like to submit the following nomination for Nancy Garcia.

Nancy Garcia has played flyball for 15 years. She started her own club, the Flat Out Flyers, over 10 years ago. This fun-loving club fields 3 to 4 teams, as well as regularly hosting Region 5 tournaments.

Nancy has always lived in Houston, Texas, works as a Natural Gas Trader for Shell Energy North America, is married, and has 4 dogs. Her current flyball dogs include a recently retired Border Collie, an Aussie and a JRT.

Nancy has been a whirlwind of accomplishments, great ideas and hard work since the first moment she volunteered on the NAFA BOD. In addition to her normal duties as a board member, she is, or has been, the Chair of the Finance and Marketing Committees, organizes and makes the arrangements for all board meetings, has very effectively taken on the position of Treasurer, and has successfully tackled the daunting task of being the event coordinator for the largest flyball tournament in the world.

As Treasurer, she has always been a model of efficiency and has developed and executed several significant money saving ideas, including establishing a discount program with UPS, using cash back programs to offset expenses, utilizing earned points for gift certificates, and reviewing and revamping contracts with companies for over $3000 in savings.

Her flyball experience includes being a former Regional Director of Region 5, and as a handler, competing in several non-championship divisions. She is a great representative for all who enjoy our sport.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Nancy Garcia for another term on the NAFA board of directors.

Amanda Brown
Region 9 RD
DogGoneFast Club Captain


Dale Smith

My name is Dale Smith and I'm running for the NAFA® Board of Directors. I've been involved in Flyball since 1989. I enjoy both the competition and the friendships that come from Flyball and Flyball tournaments. My family and our dogs run with Omaha 4-Play based in Omaha, Nebraska.

I have served NAFA in a number of capacities in the past, including:

  • Twelve years on the Board of Directors (1998-2003, 2005-2010) with two breaks due to the 6 year term limit
  • NAFA Treasurer
  • Chairman and creator of the NAFA Technology committee
  • Chair or member of Board committees including Rules, By Laws, Marketing, Judges, Finance, and Elections
  • EJS shipping coordinator
  • EJS repairs and maintenance
  • Creator of the original NAFA web presence at www.flyball.org for forms, documents and information
  • Author of the NAFA database system that provides CRNs, tournament results, points and standings on the web. This system also allows NAFA’s distributed network of workers spread across North America to work on a single integrated system.
  • Worked with Farmtek to design our current EJS from their existing Agility and Equine timing technology
  • My current duties for NAFA involve care of the existing database system, maintaining our chat system and transcripts, working on EJS enhancements and maintenance/troubleshooting on EJS issues. I also handle unusual questions and issues that arise from time to time regarding our systems or the background behind some of our rules and processes.

    My background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as my 26 years with IBM, have served well as NAFA has progressed to employ technology to provide more timely information to our officials and competitors. My recent work on tournament schedule optimizers and additional tournament paperwork tools will help to make hosting a NAFA tournament easier for first-time hosts and veterans alike. I have also designed and built my own Electronic Judging System to better understand the issues involved in this technology.

    In addition to a competitor, I have also participated as a Tournament Director, acting Regional Director and NAFA judge. I am currently a supervising judge and have been active as a judge since 1991. As a supervising judge I enjoy working with new judges as they learn the role and progress to be outstanding officials in their own right. Working in the capacity of judge is another great way to enjoy our sport and has allowed me to travel to many different areas across the US and Canada. While my children seem to be at an age where they are involved in “everything”, I look forward to the day when I can again travel more extensively as a judge.

    I have enjoyed my past service to NAFA and Flyball. I’ve met a number of outstanding people and forged many new friendships across our territory. We all need to remember that we give of our time and play this game for the fun and camaraderie it offers (and our dogs would “strongly object” if we quit). It has always impressed me to see the willingness of Flyball people to help others when the need arises – be it an injured dog, someone to boxload or just some help with a training problem. One of my greatest joys is now watching my children get involved in the sport. They’ve progressed from shagging balls, to now running dogs, boxloading and working to train our dogs.

    While serving NAFA in many roles, I have tried to be accessible, to allow competitors to have access to the Board and input to NAFA's operation. I believe my background in technology and my varied experiences in Flyball and business provide a great basis to understand the many diverse issues that face NAFA as it continues to grow and evolve. I want to continue to build on the many contributions and hours of dedicated service from those who have come before me. I would welcome the opportunity to serve you once again over the next three years as a member of the NAFA Board of Directors.

    Dale G. Smith