1. Register/Login by entering your first and last name (no spaces or other characters) into the bottom of the chat box, where it says 'name' e.g JohnDoe. To the FAR right of this is an icon with a black arrow . Click on this to register. Registration requires only the creation of a password.

2. Have a question you'd like posed to the candidates? Send a private message with the question to the moderator so that the messages can be grouped and queued.

You can do this by searching for one of the moderator's messages on the chat screen, and clicking on the three vertical black dots to the right of their message. An envelope will appear . Click on this to send them a private message. Type your private message in the 'message' area at the bottom of the chat screen.

Note: Hitting the envelope icon will have caused something like "\\ pm JohnDoe " to appear in the message screen. Type your private message after this text. Note: you can also private message by typing '\\ pm JohnDoe ' in the 'message' area.

3. If you are having trouble please contact


1. I tried to private message but it appeared on the main screen!

Don't worry - you probably did it right. The private messages will appear on the main screen but will have a lock on the far right of the message, and will only appear on your screen, and the moderator's screen. One check mark indicates the message has been delivered to the CBox server, two indicates the message has been delivered to the moderator. Users can only message moderators or administrators, not each other.

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