North American Flyball Association

Agenda for NAFA® Board of Directors Meeting
December 8th, 2006
Fitchburg, MA

Chairperson’s Comments

Executive Director’s Comments

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Cynosports Tournament Report

Committee Reports

  • Standing Rules/Regulatory Committee
    1. Proposal to reduce minimum age for Veteran’s Class (from 8 to 7 years) and sunset provisions
    2. Pickup Teams (tabled to Rules Committee from prior meeting)
    3. Predetermined heat times for interference calls
    4. Review of NAFA® News/NAFA® webmaster rules
    5. Allowing visual encouragement from boxloader for deaf dogs
    6. Additional information on C10 form
    7. Other carry-over matters (Judges’ Appendix and corresponding form; size of logo on cross boards; proposal to penalize late schedules; fees for single day tournaments on successive weekend days; reserve weekend requirements)
  • Judges/Education and Training Committee
    1. Status of training videos
    2. Approval of judges
  • Finance Committee
  • Marketing/Awards Committee
    1. Status of Hobbes pins order
    2. Status of brochure development
  • Technology Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Bylaw Committee
  • Election Committee

(3pm-5pm) Review of Hyperflight probation per by-laws

Outstanding Business

  • Request for motion to reconsider judges apparel rule
  • Request for motion to reconsider scheduled change in minimum judging requirements
  • Discussion on electronic storage of tournament results and C9 forms

New Business

  • 2007 Junior Handler Pins
  • Continuing Education program for judges
  • Electronic registration of new clubs
  • Jim Sova’s request to have bye races run minimum number of heats
  • Review of provisions re: calculating delegate assignments from most recent racing year

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