Dave Walt's nomination letter
I am pleased to nominate Dave Walt as Judge of the Year. Dave's passion, professionalism, skill and capability make him the best there is. What sets him apart is that he not only has these qualities but he most generously shares them. Dave has a deep understanding of the rules and exercises them with his confidence and quiet authority, without ego and never in a demeaning way. It is not very often Dave's ruling is challenged but if there is ever a question, he skillfully diffuses any potentially emotional reactions before they occur. He takes great pride in keeping things on pace and avoiding long delays. The race day can almost be timed to the minute. Dave has encouraged and tutored several new judges, supervising them thoroughly and professionally without showing power. He is often heard to say he would rather judge than run a dog. He also takes great joy in involving young people in flyball. Judging a tournament and watching a young person handle his dog makes his day. Dave is most supportive of other regions and is often the catalyst for a road trip including his and other teams to a tournament many hours of driving away.

Submitted by Kathy Blewett

Photo by Dave Strauss

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